How Is Hosted Telephony A Benefit

Communication is a key enabler of business operations since it helps to connect businesses with other key partners. As technology in the telephony area continues to blossom, businesses are now turning their attention to hosted telephony services to help them unlock the potential of highly integrated and reliable telephoning technology.

Extra information about hosted telephony

How is Hosted Telephony System of Help to Businesses?

If you are still contemplating switching to a hosted telephone system, you could be wondering why it is a buzz in the realms of communication. The next generation of telephoning lies with allowing your telephone systems to be hosted on a secure, reliable platform that will ensure continuous and unhindered communication. When someone mentions of hosted telephone systems, essentially this means Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which are completely different systems from the conventional systems.

With these phones, you do not have the PBX on site as it is the case with traditional systems---the entire system is hosted in the cloud by a highly professional service provider. The real benefit of these phone systems is the fact that they are very versatile and flexible compared to traditional systems. These telephone systems are scalable and allows you to benefit beyond the one-to-one voice calls. Rich with scalable features, a hosted telephoning system gives you more value for your money.

Having these hosted phone systems allows you maximum connectivity in addition to being able to integrate multiple devices. This ensures maximum collaboration with all your departments at different locations in your jurisdiction. Apart from giving you freedom, VoIP are also enabled with video features to allow you share or transmit video across your network. You will replace your traditional desk phones with IP handsets with a huge capability to handle all manner of voice, data and video traffic via an internet protocol. A cloud-based data center is wholly responsible for managing all the hardware, which reduces your repair and maintenance costs that are associated with traditional types of phones.

In addition, you will not retain in-house telephone systems manager to help handle the daily chores that go with these technical and often delicate systems. All these benefits will cut down your expenditure upfront in addition to allowing you to focus on your key operational areas such as increasing efficiency and increasing productivity. The good news is that some providers offer free call recording. There is no rigidity as to where the telephone calls can be received, meaning that all your employees can take calls anywhere whether using their devices or hot-desking at a different operational site.

How Hosted telephony systems Work

These telephone systems transmit voice or data over the Internet instead of the wires by using a protocol known as the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This unique protocol allows a telephone device to connect with another SIP enabled device with the help of the internet and applicable configuration details. SIP devices are usually hosted within a secure data and voice communication center. Data connection allows for conversion of data into a standard phone call which is finally transmitted through an open-reach network.