How to Sell Your House in 24 Hours for Cash

I’ll buy your house and pay cash within the next 24 hours and make a cash offer. It does not matter what problem your house has. I am a local buyer, and I will come in and make a legitimate offer. I am not like other buyers who are from other areas.

Why sell to us?zh5suu6y

I am from the San Antonio, and I have been in the real estate industry for over 10 years. You can also choose the date when you want us to visit. If you have to work on weekdays, then we can come in on weekends. I don’t charge any fee on top of the price I will pay for the house. There are no hidden charges that will make you think twice about accepting our offer. We will give you the exact value of what we think your house is worth then it will be up to you whether you will accept it or not. We will also help you in the current troublesome situation you are in like the death of a family member or divorce. We know how tough it must be to go through that terrible process. It is not something that goes away in just 24 hours, and we are here to console you until you are over it.


zh5suu6yI’ll buy your house and pay cash plus everything is done in a professional manner. You can expect all the paperwork to be accomplished for this transaction. You don’t have to worry about repairing anything in your house as we will buy it as is meaning whatever condition the house is then we will buy it that way. We don’t ask for any commission in this transaction as you will get a good cash offer within 24 hours of visiting there.

Smooth and Fast Process

We guarantee the entire process will go along hassle free, and you don’t have to deal with a first-time buyer. You also don’t have to deal with a broker who would want a commission of the price of your house. There is a huge possibility we will be closing the deal within 10 days of seeing your property. It is that fast which would be a big benefit if you need the cash right away. Unlike other so-called buyers, I will actually buy your house. In fact, we will give a non-refundable large deposit to back that up. It won’t be long before we will shake hands with a done deal.