Choosing a Good Auto Body Shop

auto repair 10Oh no, you’ve had an accident! Not your most memorable time for anyone. Even worse is getting your car repaired.

If you are lucky to find a trustworthy Montgomery County auto body repair shop, your car will drive like it never had an accident. However, if you get caught to a doggy company, your car will be worse than it was before you had an accident. The resell value of your car will be very low. So what do you need to do to avoid getting involved with a shady auto repair company?

Make sure they provide genuine New parts.

If the estimate they give you is really low and half the price of any other shop, it is possible the parts are not genuine or not brand new.

Aftermarket parts are normally not high quality and don’t fit well like the genuine manufacturer parts.If a mechanic uses an aftermarket part they usually have to play around with it to get it working and in the end they never last long. Since they are not good quality parts, they can get damaged much quicker should you have another accident.

Check with the Better Business Bureau for Any Complaints

Check if the company you wish to use has had any complaints over the past year. If they don’t have many and have a higher star rating, it means they are professionals and do a good job.

Get some references

Ask them for names of existing customers they service. Call these people up and find out if they are happy with the company’s service. If the company in reluctant to give out some references that should bring up a red flag. Maybe you should be looking at other places instead.

Warrantyauto repair 09

Any Auto repair shop should provide a warranty for the work they do. If the work is not good and the paint wears off within a month, they should be able to correct it at no additional charge.

Ask To See Pictures

Ask the body shop to see some before and after images. Do they have experience in doing the work you require done? Have they ever dealt with your brand of vehicle before? Exactly what is the worst wreck they have fixed? Always keep these in mind when selecting a good Auto Body repair shop. You can also visit to get come information about auto body repairs.