Hosted Telephony & VOIP

Communication is a very important thing in today’s fast paced world. Everyone carries a mobile phone, and companies use telephones to make calls around the world.

However, communication also costs quite a bit and for a company that has to communicate constantly with customers of clients from around the world, they would always want to reduce their telephone bills and they can do so with Brighter Bills VoIP technology.

What is Brighter Bills?543

Brighter bills is a hosted telephony and VOIP service provider that can help you considerably reduce your company’s phone bills. Unlike having a┬áregular PABX system in your office, you will have a virtual one that resides on a cloud server. This means that you will not have to spend any money on buying a PABX system. All you will need is your phones connected to the internet.

It is much cheaper

Regular phone calls are very expensive, especially to other countries. However, with the advancements in internet and VOIP technology, you can enjoy high-quality voice calls for a fraction of the cost. In some countries it is cheaper to use VOIp to make local calls as they cost less.

How does this technology work?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. The audio that is picked up by the microphone on your telephone will be converted into digital data and then transmitted through the internet. It will then be decoded at the destination and converted back into analog audio so the person can hear you.

ghs654Who should consider VOIP Telephony

This type of system can be used by individuals, small, Medium or large businesses. They are, in fact, very popular with large companies as they bring down a companies phone bill massively. If you are an individual who works from home and makes calls to other countries, it may be worthwhile getting this system. If you are the owner of a company that deals with customers or suppliers in other countries, you can benefit tremendously.

VOIP technology is advancing every day and now it is even possible to divert you calls to your smartphone if you use such a system and this will not cost you anything extra. It is just a matter of configuring the settings.


Your company or business needs always to find ways to reduce costs. Using a cloud-based telephony system with VOIP technology can bring you into the 21st century while reducing your operating costs.