Tips on Getting an Air Conditioner for your House

Air Conditioner 01With a great deal of different choices readily available in the market, it becomes a rather hard task to pick the ideal air conditioner that suits your needs, without doing some homework.

It is, therefore, very important that you decide on the design, power requirements, size, functions and of course the price before you go ahead and purchase an air conditioner.

The most crucial aspect to think about before a purchasing decision for Air conditionings is made, is to understand the area to be cooled. Whether it is a single room, multiple rooms or the whole house, the size of the air conditioner is very important. An air conditioner that is too powerful would consume too much energy unnecessarily, and an air conditioner that is too small will not cool the area enough.

Before deciding on an air conditioning installation, you must make note of the following:

1. Space dimensions: determine the walls and windows from top to bottom and side to side in cubic meters. Then get in touch with a specialist with the information to identify the right size and kind of the air conditioner.

2. Ensure the air conditioner you buy has an adjustable thermostat, different cooling speeds, a minimum of 2 fan speeds and a setting that promotes energy efficiency.

3. You should also find out the EER of the system. This is the Energy Performance Ratio, which tells you the effectiveness of the system; the higher the ratio, the better the efficiency.

4. British Thermal Units/hour: this is another aspect to think about with respect to area. The bigger the area, the greater the BTU/hour.

5. Apart from the point mentioned above you must also consider the number of windows and the direction in which the room faces as this influences the heating and, therefore, the cooling needed.Air Conditioner 02

Once you have this information, you can decide the type of air conditioner. There are three main categories as below.

  • Split air conditioners
  • Window air conditioners
  • Central air conditioners

Selecting the right type would depend on your house structure. If you want to cool only certain areas in the house, a split or window air conditioner will be best. However, if you want to cool the entire house you should consider central air conditioning.

Always get the advice from a professional as they will have to be hired when you are installing an air conditioner in your house.

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